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What to ask a question about dyslexia? Go for it

I often reflect on conversations I have had when I’m out walking and today it was no different. I was reflecting on a conversation I had recently where someone wanted to ask me a question about #dyslexia but they were worried about upsetting or offending me. Part of #dyslexiaawareness is about people feeling safe and comfortable to ask questions. So if you have a #question feel free to reach out to me and ask it. I can’t promise I’ll have the answer but if you are intrigued

Morning Routines

What a beautiful morning it is. ☀️ Normally I don’t see many people on my morning wanders but the last couple of days I have seen lots of dog walkers and a few horse riders getting out early to exercise and care for their animals. Remember to enjoy this weather safely with sun cream. My morning routines of a cold shower, wander or meditation really helps me feel prepared and ready for the day and I have noticed by doing this it has helped me with my #dyslexia. Especially when

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