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What to ask a question about dyslexia? Go for it

I often reflect on conversations I have had when I’m out walking and today it was no different. I was reflecting on a conversation I had recently where someone wanted to ask me a question about #dyslexia but they were worried about upsetting or offending me. Part of #dyslexiaawareness is about people feeling safe and comfortable to ask questions. So if you have a #question feel free to reach out to me and ask it. I can’t promise I’ll have the answer but if you are intrigued

Morning Routines

What a beautiful morning it is. ☀️ Normally I don’t see many people on my morning wanders but the last couple of days I have seen lots of dog walkers and a few horse riders getting out early to exercise and care for their animals. Remember to enjoy this weather safely with sun cream. My morning routines of a cold shower, wander or meditation really helps me feel prepared and ready for the day and I have noticed by doing this it has helped me with my #dyslexia. Especially when

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis it was an absolute pleasure. What an amazing mountain 🏔 you are. Mother Nature was kind to us. The sun shone the majority of the way up. Then in a blink of an eye we were wrapped in a blanket of thick fog 🌫 reminding us of the power you have. The terrain was rugged the higher we climbed. The views were breathtaking on the way up and when we decended out of the fogged were welcome back with vast views of beautiful greenery. The #caledonian sleeper train 🚂 was

Dyslexia Awareness

Yesterday someone at work came to find me because they know I am #dyslexic. They wanted me to use my #dyslexicthinking on a strategy report. They knew I would see it in a different way and provide different solutions and ideas. Which I did. This moment showed me that #dyslexiaawareness and the strengths it can bring is being realised and that made me smile happily inside. #dyslexiaawareness #management #strategy #work #support

Empowering Dyslexic Leaders & Managers

The episode of #RebelHour from @RebelWorldMedia where I talk a bit about my story, being dyslexic and why working to help other dyslexics is so important. If you're #dyslexic and need support, help or even some great tips, please feel free to reach out for help. Ep4 Kirsty Heap - Empowering Dyslexic Leaders & Managers (

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