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Dyslexic Confidence and Mindset Coach

Hi, I’m Kirsty, the dyslexic coach and tutor.  I work with dyslexic managers and leaders to enable them to reach their full potential, unlock their dreams, aspirations and understand how to make their strengths and dyslexic gifts work for them. I help people to feel confident in their abilities and to overcome any limiting beliefs they may have about being dyslexic.

Thankfully the barriers that once existed surrounding dyslexia are starting to be broken down. Technology and AI (artificial intelligence) has helped with this and is fantastic. It can streamline processes, analyse data etc. but it can never replace human skills. What it can’t replicate is often what us dyslexics have in spades; empathy, big picture thinking, complex problem-solving skills, communication and critical thinking. You might take these skills for granted and think everyone has them, but they don’t. These can be just some of the benefits of being dyslexic. Now is your time to fly high and shine brighter than ever.

To believe in our capability is vital to success. I am passionate about working with dyslexic people to develop their confidence and help shift their mindset to ensure they are in the strongest position they can be.

It is an honour to work with other dyslexics like myself. I understand the hurdles they have to face and the fears they may have. I also know that feeling and desire to achieve more but needing someone to guide and support. The work we do is a partnership where we will work together. I will help you grow and develop, feel alive, stronger and more capable than you have ever felt.

Together we will formulate a plan for you to reach your goals. We will break this plan down into steps and work systematically through it, setting realistic and manageable timescales.

If you are feeling unsure in your current role, have taken on a new role or are returning from a career break and feel like you need support then I would love to help you. I will help you to feel grounded, strong and secure, not only in your current role but also when you want to fly higher.

Clients often say that working with me has not only had a positive impact on their work life but their personal life as well. If you are ready to spread your wings and fly, I would love to hear from you.

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